The why:

We are gamers just like you! And just like you, we have always dreamed about having "Pro-Gamer" as our job title. Unfortunately, we didn't make it (Noobs). So we are settling for the next best thing: simply "Gamer".

I'd personally give myself the designation of "Chief Executive Ass-Kicker" and I'm aiming for a pay grade arguably higher than what I receive today.

As you may know, play to earn games are all the rage today. It seems as if a new NFT game launches every other day. Now these games present one problem for us:

1. They require quite a bit of Capital (Risky)

2. You can only earn by playing the same games over and over.

We don't know about you, but we'd sure be a lot more happier if we can earn while playing the games we actually want to play. I'm talking about Call of Duty, GTA, Skyrim, etc..

That's how gamer points came to be.

The hero Gamers deserve and certainly needs right now...

The Dream:

Imagine, torturing yourself for weeks just to get a 100% completion in Dark Souls 3 and all you got was a platinum trophy. Well, that's a bummer. There's gotta be a way to turn this platinum trophy into real life platinum right?

Lucky for you, we exist. We don't know about turning that trophy into platinum but we can help you turn that into the next best thing: Cash.

Our main goal here is to provide all gamers like you a decent way to earn while doing what you love the most: Gaming.

Our long term goal is to pave the way for gamers to make a living out of playing video games. Maybe even pay for that house you've been dreaming of.

Seems like a dream right? Well, think again.


Twitch made it possible for charismatic gamers to earn money without being pro by the introduction of livestreams.


We are making it possible for EVERYONE to earn.



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