We help gamers like you!



We are gamers just like you! And just like you, we have always dreamed about having "Pro-Gamer" as our job title. Unfortunately, we didn't make it (Noobs). So we are settling for the next best thing: simply "Gamer".

​​Luckily, Gamer Points is here to help us do just that. Long are the days where you have to be good to make a bank while gaming.​

Just sit back, relax, and play your way to financial freedom... or at the very least to that new triple A game you've been wanting to buy for a while.​


Imagine, torturing yourself for weeks just to get a 100% completion in Elden Ring just to get that platinum trophy. Pretty rewarding in on itself. But what if you can turn it into a real life Platinum?

​Lucky for you, we exist. We don't know about turning that trophy into platinum but we can help you turn that into the next best thing: Cash.

​​Twitch made it possible for charismatic gamers to earn money without being pro by the introduction of livestreams. We are making it possible for EVERYONE to earn.